Airoshine air purifiers use the latest cutting edge technology to provide you with the best and most effective results.


The air purifier is equipped with a Digital PM 2.5 Counter: You will be able to monitor the exact levels of PM 2.5 present in your room/ environment on an ongoing basis. If you are using any other air purifier you cannot be sure if it is actually working or not, and how effective it is actually being. With our digital PM 2.5 display you will be able to monitor in real time how effective the machine is.

8 Levels of Purification: The Airoshine Air Purifier is the only air purifier which uses an eight stage purification system.:

1) The Elementary filter layer consist of the aluminium frame, 0.3 aluminium mesh and primary efficiency filter cotton. This helps in the removal of dandruff, hair, dust, larger particles etc. 
2) The  HEPA filter eliminates particles with a precision of 99% or more. It helps eliminate dust, bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergens and also prevents other small and tiny particles from penetrating through.
3) Antibacterial isolation filter layer can effectively remove and isolate the bacteria which have bred in the filter over time. 
Activated carbon filter layer can effectively remove formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, TVOC, smoke and garbage odours.
The Molecular sieve filter layer purifies air by the function of absorbing and alternating. It can effectively absorb gas and water molecules which are smaller than its aperture diameter. Thus the service life of the activated carbon can be prolonged
6) Cold catalyst filtration layer function has an antibacterial property which helps eliminate contaminants and viruses such as e-coli, methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa etc. It can also effectively decompose organic compounds and toxic substances such as Benzene, ammonia and TVOC.
7) Ultraviolet sterilizing filter layer destroys microbial molecular structure of DNA or RND and kill variety of bacteria.
Negative ion filter layer also known as Negative anion is known as “the vitamin in the air” in medicine. It releases negatively charged ions in the air and has a dust suppression function. This machine produces 10 million anion per second.

Does not create any Ozone: Air purifiers which kill germs, viruses and odours through the creation Ozone are extremely cheap, however they do more harm than good to our health, as the creation of Ozone depletes the Oxygen supply in the room and Ozone itself is considered a hazardous gas. Airoshine air purifiers do not create any Ozone.

Intelligent Auto Mode: The Auto mode intelligently senses the level of pollutants in the room and constantly adjusts the fan speeds according the requirement

Energy Efficient: ​Uses only 0.2 W of power in standby mode, and 48 W at the highest fan speed.

Very Quiet operation: The air purifier is extremely quiet, operating at less the 26db at normal speed.

Child Protection: The machine will automatically switch off in case the front panel is opened during operation, thus preventing any mishap.


Electric Leakage and Voltage Protection: The air purifier is equipped with electrical grounding and leakage protection. It will automatically switch off in case of any voltage anomaly. In case of a power spike the machine shuts down and the display reads “CO” Once the voltage returns to normal turn off the power supply and restart the machine.

Airoshine air purifiers are designed specifically for Indian conditions: We live in a far more polluted environment than the rest of the world, thus we require an air purifier designed specifically to target this extremely polluted environment. Other Air Purifiers are not as effective in our highly polluted environment, also the filters of other purifiers get choked very early (typically 3 months) and need to be replaced. Our filters last approx. 18 months.

Timer: You can program the machine to switch on/off after a certain amount of time if you so desire.

Night Mode: The machine is equipped with a night mode, which switches off any display lights and the machine also goes into silent mode, producing almost no sound, allowing you to get a restful nights sleep


Change/ Clean filter Indicators: The air purifier will automatically inform you when a filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, saving you the hassle of constantly checking and having to maintain the machine.

Magnetic Locks: Magnetic locks make the panels easy to open and close for hassle free maintenance.

Touch Buttons: Sleek looking and easy to use touch buttons.

Remote Control: For ease in operation

Easy Maintenance: Hardy any maintenance required. Simply clean the filters with a vacuum cleaner once every 3 months

User Friendly:  Very easy to use. Simply plug in and turn on.