3 years ago we were blessed with our precious twins. Little did we understand that having premature children came with a whirlwind of problems along with of course the usual lack of sleep! They did not have fully developed lungs and spent their share of time in the NICU. A year passed on and surely things got better however one of them had constant recurring breathing problems. Constant Medication and Nebulisers were used to stabalise him and we were recommended to use an air purifier. Surely we went out and bought multiple big brand air purifiers but they were all ineffective! At one point we even used two in their room simultaneously!

Frustrated with the ineffectiveness of air purifiers created for the Western World in the highly polluted conditions of Delhi, we decided to create our own air purifier. After all there had to be a way to create a machine which took care of all forms of pollution at a reasonable price.

Our first step was consulting the top Pulmonologists and Paediatric Doctors of Delhi; we now were armed with the knowledge of what the best and most efficient air purifier should entail. The next step was just building it!

Our Father being an Electrical Engineer from IIT Delhi sure did come to our rescue. The final step was simply getting an existing factory to build our first few machines for our home. One year on after our doctors saw the difference in our children and of course the fact that we made less frequent visits, they convinced us that it would almost be selfish of us not to share our machine with the world.

This lead to the birth of Airoshine.